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Lemondecor Guide to Buying Furnishing Fabrics Online

Ordering furnishing fabrics online, on Lemondecor.com is an easy, simple and secure process. If you are new to buying furnishing fabrics online, the following guidelines will help you make an error free transaction.

Yards and Meters:All fabric lengths mentioned on this site are in meters. If you are used to ordering in yards, you may need to convert your required yardage into meters. This may be done by multiplying the required yardage by 0.9144. So, if you need 10 yards it translates to 10 X 0.9144 = 9.144 meters, which may be rounded off to 9.15 meters.

Deciding the quantity:Before you place an order online, it would be helpful to be clear
the quantity for which you need to place an order. Lemondecor offers you a Fabric & Wallpaper Estimator with the general basic quantities for a wide range of end use. However we recommend you check with a sewer if you are not clear of the quantity you require. Your order quantity will depend on

- Design repeat (horizontal or vertical) of the fabric.

- Width of the fabric.

- Amount of fullness or number of pleats required on curtains.

- The exactness with which the design must be matched at joints on curtains and sofas.

Information on the design repeat and the width of the fabric is available on the website for the
entire collection. Ordering some attic stock is always useful. This may be required if one part of the curtain or sofa or chair needs replacement.

Online Payments:All payments online on lemondecor.com are secure. This website uses a 128 bit SSL encryption to protect sensitive data provided by you.

Complete Address:Please key in your complete address when placing your order. Please not use abbreviations while keying in your address. Incorrect and incomplete shipping address will delay your order.

Cut Lengths:Your order may be supplied in multiple piece lengths. This is the standard industry practice, unless the order is for less than 5 meters. If you have a specific cut length requirement, please specify it in the remarks sections of the order form.

Shipments:Your orders will be checked, packed with care and shipped through some of the world's best-known cargo and courier companies. In the unlikely event of the consignments not reaching your destination, we will do everything possible to follow-up to correct any irregularity with the shipment.

Shade Matching:You must know that the colour of the fabric as visible on the screen (Lemondecor images have a 98.99% colour accuracy) may be different from the colour of the physical fabric. This is due to the configuration of computer monitors. If you have not bought online earlier, it may be useful to book a viewing of your shortlisted products to view them first hand.

End Use:Please be clear about the end use of the fabric before ordering. Curtain fabrics, even when appearing sturdy, are not suitable for use as upholstery.

Emailing the Backend Team:If you are new to buying furnishing fabrics online, it may be useful to confirm your requirements by speaking to our expert fabric advisors details of which are available on the ‘ask the expert’ section of the home page.

Register as a User:Please register yourself as a user. Logging in as a registered user will record your current order and will also enable you to use exclusive features of the website. You can also make effective use of the Mood board section, designed specifically for coordinating online.

Track your Order:Please track your order and ensure your availability at the time of delivery. The courier company may return the consignment if it is not able to deliver. The tracking number of your order will be emailed to you once the order is placed.
Contact us for support.